The new version of MacDust has a wide array of new features. Along with new cleaning abilities, and all new tools, MacDust has been rebuilt from the ground up!

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About Macdust

MacDust is the next revolutionary step in data hygiene.
MacDust has been trained over the years to hone in on all kinds of files and caches
that collect and start eating your harddrive space over time.


So, What?

MacDust helps you clean out many unnecessary files. The files MacDust removes aren't necessary to application function, so when you clean with MacDust you aren't going to make an application unusable.


Is it Safe?

MacDust is safe and easy to use, it won't ever ask for Administrator Authorization because it doesn't need it to perform. MacDust cleans out your files, not system files, safely saving you space.


Simple & Fast

Unlike its major competitors, MacDust is lightning fast and ultra lightweight. Applications that wish they were MacDust are bulky programs, and very slow products. MacDust starts up faster, cleans faster, and runs faster than all the others.

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Over 134,576,232 Downloads